“We design and produce change of image of business, catering and leisure premises , so that their customers can see them in their best light.”

Do you want to give your business premises a change of image? Do you need to attract more customers? There are cases where giving the premises a facelift is essential to transmitting the values the company represents (responsibility, quality, elegance, etc.) and to linking the image with the product or service on offer. Other times, although the business is going well and the image is the right one, a change of look can attract the attention of new customers, which in turn translates into higher earnings at the end of the month.

This is what we do at Creative Studio: we design and produce the change of image of business premises of any type, although we specialise in remodelling and updating catering and leisure premises.

In every case, we take charge of the 3D design, the graphic design, the construction, the assembly and the formalities or technical and official permits required to undertake the project. We also take charge of the graphic image and the full implementation, from the letter to the sign.

We design the decorations necessary to create a themed environment and we have staff specialised in changing an image, who can guide and advise you on new lines of work to guarantee the success of the project.

Our essential mainstay is our range of fast and impeccable services at affordable prices. You can choose lowcost decoration, which can make even a small investment profitable, bearing in mind the immediate financial returns it will bring you. With our express service and the prices we offer, you’ll have no excuse for not getting the most out of your business.


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