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“Our work backs us up”


The Roland company, a worldwide manufacturer of colour printers and peripherals in large format for exclusively professional applications, has trusted Team Creative Group for its participation in events such as Graphispag, C!Print, Fòrum del Mediterrani y Promogift.

For this client, we design a solution with furniture made from high-quality melamine, completely finished and electrified, as well as exhibition showcases with sliding windows and LEDs. The design enables very fast assembly that easily adapts to all the spaces of the various fairs. In addition, the same graphics can be used, as during dismantling we protect them with film, carpeting and boxes.

For the ceiling we use beMatrix solutions with double-sided tension fabrics, sublimation printed, together with aluminium grills suspended from a truss, where we position the combined halogen and LED lighting. We make the platform double reinforced, finished with melamine and machined, with recessed sockets to provide a quality finish with no loose cables.

  • Team Creative is a totally trustworthy partner.

    We at Roland have complete confidence in a provider which can offer a comprehensive service, taking care of and accompanying the client from the start to the end of the project.

    Marta Fraile Marketing Manager at Roland DG Iberia


JHK T-Shirt is a multinational promotional textile firm, a sponsor of Moto 3, which last year won the world championship at the hands of Maverick Viñales. The company exhibited the championship-winning motorbike at the fairs it subsequently took part in and commissioned Team Creative Group to transport it through all the European countries where it was exhibited.

For the stand we offered an attractive and inexpensive construction and assembly solution as we were aware of the large investment the company had made in sponsoring the team. We used the materials we have in stock to do this. The stand was made up of three aluminium towers – which enabled us to raise trusses up to a height of 8 metres – good lighting, a bar, reception, a store built in aluminium and a tarp 6 metres high and 14 metres long, especially designed to adapt to the different spaces where it was to be positioned, without losing the design. We used this setup in Düsseldorf, Lyon, Birmingham, Madrid, Oporto and Milan.


It was later decided to further enhance the quality, colours and catalogue. To provide the product with more relevance, we decided to create a neutral design with lacquered whites and coloured aluminium, so as to avoid stealing the limelight from the T-shirts,

We reinforced the stand’s lighting with LED projectors and we boosted that of some areas with bars of blue LEDs.

All the installations were completed successfully and the clients were very satisfied, leading them to trust in Team Creative Group to set up a stand in the showroom of their new facilities in Madrid.

  • We have been working with Team Creative for several years and the results of their work are excellent.

    Our stands attract the attention of the people attending the fairs, due to their creativity in the design, the quality of the materials they use and the excellent visibility of the products we display at the stand.

    We are very satisfied with their service and with the personal attention they provide us. Their adaptability to our needs is impressive, as they succeed in giving shape to our desires in a pleasantly surprising way.

    Alicia Pando Marketing at JHK T-shirt

Pad’s World

Pad’s World is the European benchmark in the production of promotional mouse pads. It takes part in a great many fairs all over Europe and does so using the Team Creative Group solutions.

This client presented us with a big challenge. With a campaign already designed and construction about to begin, it was agreed to reduce the working lines from the 12 that had always been presented to just 4, which they wished to enhance. The client asked the Team Creative Group crew’s opinion on this change, and knowing the product, we supported their decision.

In less than 15 days, we redesigned the stand, adapted the installations, prepared the graphics, built everything and transported it to its destination, where it was exhibited on time and successfully.

  • When we’re looking for service providers, it isn’t easy to find teams as competent as TEAM CREATIVE.

    Since we’ve been working with them, we’ve had the confidence and security of knowing that our installations at international fairs are in the best possible hands.

    Without doubt, being able to count on companies as efficient and professional as they are is a guarantee.

    Jesus Merino Manager - Pad's World

Zimmer Dental / Zimmer SA /

Zimmer is a worldwide leader in the prosthetics industry.

Its central office in Spain contacted Team Creative Group because it needed furniture for the Zimmer and Zimmer Dental stands. Its European headquarters had offered them a series of furniture pieces they had designed. But we at Team Creative Design offered them something that adapted better to the spaces where they were going to exhibit and at a highly competitive price, meaning that they finally opted for our designs.

We created different solutions for the two lines, Zimmer and Zimmer Dental, with furniture of different sizes that can be positioned according to the needs of the space without modifying the design. In turn, some pieces of furniture were designed to fit in with others and thus easily create more spectacular structures, wherever the space allowed.

The furniture was built using MDF with lacquered finish, so that it could be repaired easily if damaged, although at the moment after having carried out over 40 installations, it is all still in perfect condition and no retouching has been necessary.

  • The professionalism, enthusiasm, creativity and passion with which the people at Team Creative work at each of our stands are a guarantee of success right from the outset.

    Being able to count on this team of professionals for our projects is a true luxury.

    Rosa Pujolàs Zimmer Dental


Volum is a Valencia firm devoted to producing bags, and it exhibits at Mipel, the leather and leatherwork industry’s benchmark fair, held in Milan.

For this stand, the idea was to separate the company’s two collections: Urban and Fiesta. We did this in an elegant way, playing with the colour of the floor and a small furniture unit in the middle that discretely defines each collection. This unit in turn supports a frieze.

We used over forty 150 W halogen lamps to light the space.

The rear and front walls of the stand are used for shelving units specially designed to show off the bags in their best light, with powerful LEDs that reduce any unsightly shadows which may prevent the product from being seen properly.

Placing the product on a shelving unit may seem easy. But doing it the right way, so that they are seen correctly and no outside element casts a shadow or reduces their beauty, is the work of professionals. At Team Creative Group we work with window dressers expert in the product, who take care of the minutest details.

This stand will be used in other installations, where it will only be necessary to change the graphics.

  • For the last 6 years, Team Creative has been our provider at fairs both here and abroad. Why? Because of the end result, the value for money and especially the speed with which they offer solutions.

    By leaving a project in their hands, you sleep peacefully. Thank you.

    Elisa Torrens Sales Department of Volum


Roly is an international company in the promotional textiles sector. Every season Team Creative Group is commissioned with preparing an amusing and original design for its European tour.

The design must adapt easily to all the fairs, as the sector’s campaign is concentrated into 45 days, and over 6 installations are carried out. In addition, at times we have had to deal with bad weather and its effects. On one occasion, in order to transport the equipment from Düsseldorf to Milan, it had to be distributed among 8 vehicles due to the ban on driving with trailers, caused by a storm which forced several European highways to be closed. We get behind the client.

  • We’ve been collaborating for more than seven years in setting up stands throughout Europe, many of them being transported from one fair to another in the hardest weeks of winter in central Europe, and with no time between exhibitions for storms, snow and other setbacks. Nevertheless, despite having gone through very extraordinary circumstances, the Team Creative team has been able to deal with any contingency and provide us with solutions so that we can always attend the fairs and exhibitions we’ve chosen, with our brand image impeccable, and they have given us support during the entire process and become like one more member of our company. Their excellent work has earned our absolute trust.

    Roberto Talón CEO Gor Factory, S.A Roly

Grupo Miquel

Grupo Miquel is the leading company in the wholesale food distribution in Spain and it always commissions Team Creative Group for its stand at the prestigious Alimentaria Fair.

In this case, the greatest difficulty lay in accommodating all the client’s requests in a space that was not big enough to accommodate them. But our creatives love a challenge and they always find a way to give the customers what they want. This stand is attended by several managers, over twenty salespeople, stewards, bar staff, cooks, etc. It needed private offices for its top-level meetings, a space for its exhibitions, a large store and practical solutions for keeping a great many catalogues, as well as a daily delivery of food, drinks, catalogues and gifts which the Team Creative Group provided to the stand every day.

This stand also required prior product decoration work, so all the offices were prepared and designed by professional decorators. The graphic design and the video were produced jointly between the Team Creative Group crew and the professionals of the prestigious Neorg communication agency.

  • They are responsible and committed to your project to the point where you see them as colleagues in the company. Rapid response, dynamic implementation and meticulous down to the last detail.  The words Team Creative are synonymous with professionalism. I recommend them.

    Mario Puntonet Burch Foreign Communication at Grupo Miquel

Mid Ocean Brands

Mid Ocean Brands is the leading supplier of promotional material in Europe. This Dutch company commissions Team Creative Group for all its installations in Europe.

In this case, we designed two stands – one for Spanish fairs and another for European fairs, due to the fact that some of them coincide, meaning that it was impossible to use the same stand for them all. The two stands were designed so that they could be combined to form a macro-stand if needed for a large space.

  • Team Creative is our most trusted company throughout Europe. Milan, Lyon, Madrid… Always with quality, originality and punctuality. Our products are always presented the best way possible with Team Creative.

    Giuseppe La Torre Sales director at Mid Ocean Brands

Vinebre Town Council

At Team Creative Group we also work with public administrations. This is the case with Vinebre Town Council, with whom we have been collaborating for 3 years by providing promotion ideas.

One of the outstanding projects carried out for this council is the famous “Pessebre dels Sentits” (Manger of the senses), designed and built by Team Creative Group, who also organised and promoted all the events.

It was a spectacular Nativity scene of almost 30 m2 computer-controlled and with a host of special effects.

A group of amateur actors from “Flexus Teatre” in Flix took part, and we recorded the voice-overs with them in a studio. Together with this company, as well as Confraria dels Armats de Flix and volunteers from Vinebre, we organised a stage performance with the characters in the Nativity scene.

Last Christmas, the “Pessebre dels sentits” was produced for the second time and attracted six times the number of visitors.


Moreover, we at Team Creative Group also took part in the inauguration of the 16th-century Renaissance Can Don Joan Palace. The architect commissioned with the project asked us to produce a small Power Point presentation to show attendees the work that had been done.

We wanted to make this display a little better known, so we produced a professional presentation demonstrating the before and after of the restoration work, and we hired a professional narrator to explain the renovations in a video that was shown in each room, where we installed a truss base with a 60” screen and a multimedia player.

We also arranged everything so that the speakers and authorities could address the audience from a spectacular platform with a background for the occasion. We completed the job by setting up a bar on the interior terrace and organising the catering.

  • Vinebre Town Council has had the opportunity to work with the Team Creative company and we can recommend it as a reliable, professional, creative and organised company that takes care of projects throughout their formation, planning and implementation stages, with complete attention to detail.

    Great professionals, capable of satisfying the most demanding client.

    A company that earns trust, and is responsible and innovative. Always up-to-date and with a great future vision aimed at obtaining results that demand excellence.

    Gemma Carim Mayor of Vinebre
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